Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Speech

My what a difference a few days makes. First we hear that in 20 years our change agent had never heard these horrible things uttered from Uncle Rev. Wright. In fact he was just shocked (shocked!) to hear them after voting all day (do you suppose he puffed some flour in his face to make it look like he had been actually doing something a la the commercial for rice crispy treats?). Someone told Barry O that this little statement didn’t pass ANYONE’S smell test so what do we get today? A flowery lecture disguised as a speech in which Barry tells us YES I HEARD REV. WRIGHT SAY BAD THINGS BUT...

But what. But you couldn’t leave because Rev. Wright is like an Uncle to you? The key word there, Mr. Obama is LIKE. He isn’t really an Uncle, you chose to be associated with him by your own free will, with this, you have been just fine with the vile and disgusting things this man has spewed the entire 20 years you’ve known him. Sorry it caught up to you like this. Not really, I am not sorry. I am only sorry it took this long to go main stream. And you know what else? You aren’t sorry he said them. Your carefully chosen words “remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church” tell me you aren’t sorry at all. Could be considered? Could be? Baby, those words are beyond controversial and are smack dab into disgusting.

Barack Obama goes on an on that this anger is embedded in the black culture. If we just understood this, we would know (duh) where the roots of the spewing come from. We would understand victim hood, and then we could get somewhere, like solving health care and education. Rev. Wright is good, he cares for people with Aids (presumably the same people who got HIV/Aids from the demon white government, no?) And he is POLITE to white people, what more do you want?

The speech attempts to justify Rev. White’s racism, justify why Barack is ok with the Reverend being racist (the guilt card is thrown down a lot – don’t forget his Grandmother even said hateful things to him about black people, she was white you know), and basically let’s us all know that simply by virtue of being black, its ok to say horrible, hurtful things without fear of repercussions. You are either a victim or a racist. I haven’t bought this and I don’t buy it now even packaged in Hope McChange’s pretty box and bow.

What we are left with is the realization that Barack Obama is nothing more than a lying, opportunistic politician. The more things change, the more they stay the same.