Monday, February 2, 2009

Communism - Coming to a house near you!

I am dumbfounded. President Obama sends out his first political email and guess what it's for? Organizing "House Meetings" to discuss the Porkapalooza plan. He isn't even TRYING to hide the communist overtures with this one!

For those that don't know, a "House Meeting" is a term used to describe organizational meetings and was the building block for the farmworker movement (UFW). They used house meetings to strong arm the union in, at to organize boycotts. This is a socialist term at the least, and to be honest, it's heavy on the communist innuendo.

Next up will be block captains. This is how governments get undermined - "grassroots" is one thing, having citizens rise up and declare policy over the elected officials is another.

I wish I had some quip comment to make here, but I just don't. I'm gobsmacked. We should not take this lightly, folks. Happy Monday.