Monday, July 14, 2008

The Left's Reaction to Tony Snow's Death

The tolerant and peace loving left are at it again. A man dies - a young man with a family at that. What is the response? Vile, disgusting comments left at the "moderated" board of the LA Times. No, I am not linking to it. Search yourself if you must, but I am not sending traffic that way. HuffPo turned their comments off, they knew what kind of hatred their core membership was getting ready to spew (as it had started). Smart on them. I ran out of lysol so I didn't dare venture over to Kos.

Just google the difference in reaction from the right when Ted Kennedy annouced he had cancer v. the reaction from the left at the news of Mr. Snow's death. Or for apples to apples, look at the left's reaction when it was annouced Mr. Snow was diagnosed with cancer. Is this what the Politics of Change is all about?