Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hope! Change! Waffles for All!

Ok, so Obama's speech was delayed (a bunch of speech writers standing around going WTF!). Obama, the master of ad libing (chortle) decides to do what any good left wing liberal does. He ignores that Hillary said I ain't going no wheres, tarred or not and just goes on and declares himself the weiner!

Holy head in the sand, batman! This could really come back and be something extrodinarily funny - I mean even more funny than the comedy routine we got to witness last night! In essence, Barry drones on and on and on (and on) but says NOTHING. He did pull Gramma from under the bus.

He really is scary. No tax breaks, health care for all, out of Iraq, change, change, hope and change. Oh and corporations will pay for it because that will help create jobs.


**UPDATE** Barry and Hillary are having secret meetings. Hillary is to pull out (for reals this time) on Saturday. Did she say "Name me VEEP and I stop being a b*tch?" Did Hope and Change cater to the Clinton machine? Did Barry get secret pictures of past Clintonian "problems" and have a sudden change of heart? Stay tuned!