Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama’s Great New Seal

The man who promises to bring us Hope and Change, all the while filling his proposed cabinet with members of the Clinton regime, has sunk to a new low. His marketing team has created a *subtle* attempt at mimicking the presidential seal with an official Obamanation seal, complete with Latin Motto, Vero Possumus which doesn’t translate into “I look like a Possum” but a sort of “Yes We Can”.

Those of us with half a brain are saying “Oh no you don’t” (in English) because this, my friends, is illegal. It’s also pompous and arrogant, but this fact isn’t all that surprising with this cat, now is it?

It does beg the question, how much IS Obama paying his advisers? He should ask for his money back. Why wouldn’t someone on this dream team look up the fact that this was not only in really bad taste, but illegal? Was it tasked to his esteemed future Security Adviser, Winnie the Pooh? Just askin’