Sunday, June 29, 2008

John McCain Still Doesn't Get It

Juan McCain keeps asking me for my money, but not my opinion. If he plans on continuing to GET my money, my opinion better start to matter. This guy is really starting to make me think the winner of this election will be the one who doesn't implode the worst.

In a moment of pure pandering bullpoop, Mr. McCain tells a group of Latinos his amnesty legislation will be a top priority in his presidency. Yeah, that one that he said he wouldn't vote for again even though he wrote the friggin' thing. "Come now!" you cry "McCain doesn't support illegal immigration!". Your right. You can make a lot of things legal by decriminalizing, and that is just what this bill does.

Mr. McCain, should one of your lackeys be doing a search of the web and happen upon this post, read here, read hard: This will have an INCREDIBLE impact on the middle class. We cannot support this floodgate policy. It is killing our emergency rooms, it is making working in labor type jobs impossible unless you speak Spanish. Plus its just nuts.

Do I think a wall is going to help? Not really. Its a start, but not the fix. McCain lackeys - here is free, very good advice. You want to solve this without a major round up and deportation effort? Make it as close to impossible as you can get to have illegals hired. Make documentation so difficult to copy its onerous to get real documentation. Once the money stops, there is no need for them to be here. Make it such that if you get pulled over and can't speak the language well you must prove you belong here. If you commit a crime and don't belong? Right back to Mexico with you. Forget this multicultural crap. When you go to school here, its in English. Trust me, those that come here legally want to assimilate and they will.