Monday, May 5, 2008

Bill Ayers has No Regrets, Does Obama?

Our darling Barack Hussein Obama just can’t catch a break, can he? Mr. Obama is finding out the hard way if you surround yourself with idiots, your judgment is challenged. He is also finding that we tend to like our presidents to have sound judgment, Jimmy Carter aside. Put Bill Clinton aside, too.

Circling the waters of the blogosphere is a shot of the “academic” (in this case, academic is a pseudonym for terrorist) Bill Ayers stepping on an American Flag. Oh pashaw you say. Back in the day we ALL stood on flags, it was a radical 60s thing! Well, not that I agree with that as my Father was not stepping on any flag back in the day, he was defending our Country alongside his father in Vietnam, but I digress. In any event, this lovely shot was taken in 2001.

I think Barry O was a bit older than 8 in 2001. In fact, it seems that in 2001, the lovely Mr. Ayers donated $200 to the Hope McChange campaign fund. Hmmmmm….now why would someone who is unabashedly a socialist donate to this particular campaign? I’m stumped.

Just to keep things on the up and up, this photo accompanied an article in the Chicago Magazine where Mr. Ayers was shrilling for his book “Memoirs of an America Hating, Attempted Soldier Murdering, Domestic Terrorist”. I think he called it something else, “On the Lam”, no wait; it is “Fugitive Days”.