Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Don't You Think as Potential Potus You Should Know These Things?

Or at least pay a fact checker! Our dear little Barry O who wants to be Commander in Chief is a gaffe a minute. This time we learn he sees dead people AND his Uncle was part of the Soviet military. How the heck else could Uncle Whathisname be one of the military that freed Auschwitz? Except Mr. Obama noted his uncle was part of the American regiment that did this. Are we taking a play from the truthspinners named Clinton and re-writing history? Shouldn't that incredibly expensive education have taught Barry O that Auschwitz was in Poland and we weren't the ones who freed this camp?

It was a gaffe. He MEANT to say Buchenwald. Because that sounds just LIKE Auschwitz and is an easy mistake to make. This isn't helping Michelle Obama's children, people. Give him a break. And don't talk about his ears.

h/t Michelle Malkin