Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Left Supports the Troops....

HuffPo is honoring the Winter Soldier wunderkinds. That isn't so shocking - what IS, however, is the vitriol in the comments against our soldiers.

"If you want to kill innocent civilians and get away with it... Join Blackwater, don't join our armed forces."Reality check: the murderers in your armed forces have never been punished with more than a slap on the wrist, just like the Blackwater thugs. Time to stop idolizing these thugs and apply the same standard used at the Nuremberg Trials, where "I was just obeying orders" was deemed a BS excuse. Unless, of course, you think that a second standard applies to American soldiers, just because your country is the king of hypocrisy...

A soldier almost by definition is a trained killer, and most people killed during war are civilians--women and children. We have to stop deluding ourselves that the military is "defending our rights." The last few wars, started by unscrupulous administrations, demonstrate that the military has become the means by which the rich and powerful grab world power and resources. We were sold a bill of goods on Vietnam, and despite all the evidence to the contrary, we invaded Iraq for no security reason whatsoever. If we next attack Iran we will have become the most morally debased nation in history. The people who join the military set themselves up to obey war criminal administrations--but they must assume responsibility for their actions. Nuremberg taught us that much. Just say NO!

Soldiers are to trained to kill. Its what they do. This is a nonstory.

Soldiers aren't trained to kill **INNOCENT CIVILIANS.** That's what the S S were doing in W W II and what your guys are doing now.

Nice. But we support the Military! Don't you forget it! (Wonder if they know the almost all the Winter Soldier stories have been disproven? Hmmm......)