Sunday, June 29, 2008

John McCain Still Doesn't Get It

Juan McCain keeps asking me for my money, but not my opinion. If he plans on continuing to GET my money, my opinion better start to matter. This guy is really starting to make me think the winner of this election will be the one who doesn't implode the worst.

In a moment of pure pandering bullpoop, Mr. McCain tells a group of Latinos his amnesty legislation will be a top priority in his presidency. Yeah, that one that he said he wouldn't vote for again even though he wrote the friggin' thing. "Come now!" you cry "McCain doesn't support illegal immigration!". Your right. You can make a lot of things legal by decriminalizing, and that is just what this bill does.

Mr. McCain, should one of your lackeys be doing a search of the web and happen upon this post, read here, read hard: This will have an INCREDIBLE impact on the middle class. We cannot support this floodgate policy. It is killing our emergency rooms, it is making working in labor type jobs impossible unless you speak Spanish. Plus its just nuts.

Do I think a wall is going to help? Not really. Its a start, but not the fix. McCain lackeys - here is free, very good advice. You want to solve this without a major round up and deportation effort? Make it as close to impossible as you can get to have illegals hired. Make documentation so difficult to copy its onerous to get real documentation. Once the money stops, there is no need for them to be here. Make it such that if you get pulled over and can't speak the language well you must prove you belong here. If you commit a crime and don't belong? Right back to Mexico with you. Forget this multicultural crap. When you go to school here, its in English. Trust me, those that come here legally want to assimilate and they will.

Friday, June 27, 2008

No Fried Food for the Dems

Wonder which brainiac came up with this idea. There will be no fried foods at the Dem convention. No fried chicken, no fried green tomatoes, no fried foi gras. So, on top of railing against corporations and crying about the world being sooooo unfair, they will all be hungry. Great plan!

Being the capitalist that I am, however, I am forced to take advantage of this situation. I am setting up shop right across the street. My offerings will include fried oreos, fried snickers bars, fried ice cream, chicken fried steak, fried chicken and anything else I can throw some batter on and drop in a huge vat of boiling oil.

On the other hand, this may result in me spending WAY too much time with Bill Clinton.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Heller Decision Right on the Money!

I am still reading through the case, however, the Heller decision is great news. Scalia’s opinion is remarkable and contains quite a few smack down moments for Stevens’ and Breyer’s dissent.
Breyer’s dissent is most interesting. He isn’t analyzing the Constitutionality of the law, he is EMOTING.

Assume, for argument's sake, that the Framers did intent the Amendment to offer
a degree of self-defense protection. Does that mean that the Framers also
intended to guarantee a right to possess a loaded gun near swimming pools,
parks, and playgrounds? That they would not have cared about the children
who might pick up a loaded gun on their parents' bedside table? That they (who
certainly showed concern for the risk of fire, see supra, at 5-7) would have
lacked concern for the risk of accidental deaths or suicides that readily
accessible loaded handguns in urban areas might bring?

Good gravy. Our Constitution was written by our Founding Father’s who (rightfully so) felt the majority of our citizens are decent, law abiding types. As such, the majority of people are not going to be hauling assault rifles by the droves to play grounds. The ones that would do this would be criminals, and those armed law abiding types would be there to confront said criminal.
Breyer, like most lunatic liberals, think people just automatically flock to the lowest common denominator and as such need all kinds of governmental intervention in order to save us from ourselves. The fact of the matter is, most American citizens are what the Framers thought we would be – decent. It is the majority, decent citizens that provide the protection against those that aren’t, thereby securing our Nation. The Second amendment makes this job easier.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama’s Great New Seal

The man who promises to bring us Hope and Change, all the while filling his proposed cabinet with members of the Clinton regime, has sunk to a new low. His marketing team has created a *subtle* attempt at mimicking the presidential seal with an official Obamanation seal, complete with Latin Motto, Vero Possumus which doesn’t translate into “I look like a Possum” but a sort of “Yes We Can”.

Those of us with half a brain are saying “Oh no you don’t” (in English) because this, my friends, is illegal. It’s also pompous and arrogant, but this fact isn’t all that surprising with this cat, now is it?

It does beg the question, how much IS Obama paying his advisers? He should ask for his money back. Why wouldn’t someone on this dream team look up the fact that this was not only in really bad taste, but illegal? Was it tasked to his esteemed future Security Adviser, Winnie the Pooh? Just askin’

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Laura Bush is the epitome of a Lady

Michelle - just in case - take note:

Laura Bush says she admires the "grit and strength" the New York senator demonstrated in her hard-fought but losing battle with Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination.

However, the wife of U.S. President George W. Bush added that if a woman is to be elected president, she'd prefer a Republican.

She also defended the comments of Obama's wife, Michelle, who has been criticized for saying that for the first time in her adult life she's proud of the United States.

Laura Bush said she thinks her possible successor probably meant that she's "more proud" than she was before, adding: "You have to be very careful in what you say."

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hope and Change I can Support

From Iowahawk. PLEASE go read the whole thing!!

For your information Mr. / Ms.Smarty Pants, instead of bombarding you with attack ads and TV spin doctors and donation pleas, I've been quietly doing the precise thing a Presidential candidate should do -- working on the issues that matter to snide ingrates like you. Yes, while you were mesmerized by the hubbub and fooferaw of the so-called "major party" nominating races, I was with my hand-picked 'trailer cabinet' of key policy advisors, putting together our 400-point specific Change Contract For Hopeful American Greatness Renewal. Some of the highlights:

Engagement With Our Adversaries

The world stage is complicated, and America cannot rely solely on military force to guard our national interests. We must never be afraid to meet with our adversaries for frank and open discussions over the issues that divide us. Thats why my first act as President will be to invite Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad to the White House for a top level negotiation session, without preconditions. "Mr. President," I will ask, "what can we do to persuade your government to curtail its nuclear ambitions?" While he is laying out his terms, I will send the signal to my Vice President / secret button czar Jeff Goldstein, and SPLASH! crazyboy drops right into the Oval Office piranha tank.

Not only will my strategy of open international engagement help to save our over-extended military and cut down on White House piranha food bills, it will act as a deterent to emerging enemies, such as Canada.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Israel Thrown Under the Bus, Too

This guy is starting to make John Kerry look like straight and principled guy! In a speech before AIPAC on Wednesday, Barry O says Israel’s capital must remain undivided. I was stunned (pleasantly) at these words. Apparently I had been stunned for no good reason. Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said he was disappointed in Obama and “this statement is totally rejected”.

So guess what? On Thursday, the Obama campaign says, “Jerusalem is a final status issue, which means it has to be negotiated between the two parties” as part of “an agreement that they both can live with”. Right under the bus with ye, Israel!

Thursday was a busy day for hour Hope expert. His friend and campaign supporter Tony Rezco was convicted of fraud, money laundering and bribery. Obama’s response? He was “saddened” and this isn’t the Tony Rezco he knew. Sheeesh, Barry. It also wasn’t the Rev. Wright you knew, The Father Pfleger you knew, the William Ayers you knew, the Trinity Church you knew, and so on and so forth.

Just points to ponder, if Barack Obama doesn’t understand these things about his friends, just how the heck does he think he understands our enemies well enough to sit down and convince them to act like civilized human beings? Will Barry be “saddened” when Ahmadinejad lobs a nuke at us? Will we hear “That is NOT the Iran I knew….KABOOM!”

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hope! Change! Waffles for All!

Ok, so Obama's speech was delayed (a bunch of speech writers standing around going WTF!). Obama, the master of ad libing (chortle) decides to do what any good left wing liberal does. He ignores that Hillary said I ain't going no wheres, tarred or not and just goes on and declares himself the weiner!

Holy head in the sand, batman! This could really come back and be something extrodinarily funny - I mean even more funny than the comedy routine we got to witness last night! In essence, Barry drones on and on and on (and on) but says NOTHING. He did pull Gramma from under the bus.

He really is scary. No tax breaks, health care for all, out of Iraq, change, change, hope and change. Oh and corporations will pay for it because that will help create jobs.


**UPDATE** Barry and Hillary are having secret meetings. Hillary is to pull out (for reals this time) on Saturday. Did she say "Name me VEEP and I stop being a b*tch?" Did Hope and Change cater to the Clinton machine? Did Barry get secret pictures of past Clintonian "problems" and have a sudden change of heart? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hillary - You Go Girl!

(She is a girl, right?)

Ok, I've stopped laughing at the "concession speech" which was code for "FU Obama Speech" enough to digest it. Whew Boy - things got a little warmer in the Obama camp!

Obama had already released half of his acceptance speech as Hillary was busy not conceding, and he was praising Hillary. Oopsie!

More later, this is better than the SNL parodies!


B. H. Obama's speech writers are frantically editing away.

Hillary is in it for AMERICA!