Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Barry O: Dares Us to Question His Patriotism

Barry O won’t allow us to question his patriotism. Really now. Why would we question it, Barry? Could it be because you consort with terrorists who admittedly plotted to overthrow the government? Could it be the Che flags in your campaign offices? Would it be because you want to cut and run in Iraq and would like to treat our Military as war criminals? Perhaps the fact that for 20 years your spiritual leader referred to G-d Damn America and the US of KKK A might call your patriotism into question. Or even this picture of you, maybe that would be a viable reason? Or your wife and the fact that she has never been proud of her Country in the past, would that be a bit of a clue that your patriotism is somewhat lacking?

I find it easy to question your patriotism, B. Hussein Obama. I also question your judgment and reasoning ability. You can stand there idly or not so idly while I do so.

Barry says he won’t question the patriotism of others in this campaign, either. The part he left off was he has lackeys to do this – don’t think Wesley Clark was the first. He was number 7 of the Obamalamadingdongs to do this. Rand Beers got spot number 8. Hope. Change. Waffles.

h/t LGF