Friday, May 30, 2008

Obama Disowns Another Pastor - Didn't know, Shocked again...

This shock and disappointment shtick is getting a bit old. Mr. Obama, why not try disgusted or pissed or really, really mad even? Nope. All Barak can muster is a wringing of the hands followed by not so plausible deniability. Our change agent once again states he was unaware of this type pf thing coming out of the church he has attended 20 years. Oh, and as an aside, Mr. Obama earmarked $100,000 for this buffoon Father Pfleger.

Time to remove the kid gloves. This guy is frightenly stupid. Or naive. I really don’t care which; the end result is the same. The one who wants to be Commander in Chief with his groundbreaking foreign policy methods has employed none other than Zbignew Brzezinski for advice. Not only is this character another anti-Semite in the Obama camp, but also he was the brilliant foreign policy strategist under Carter that came up with locking himself in his office until Iran freed the hostages. Wow – that must have scared the pants right off those Iranians welding guns.

He did get out of his office about the time the hostages were freed – because President Reagan moved into the Whitehouse.