Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Can Your Government Do For You?

Clearly I am a masochist. I've been watching the commun…I mean Dem convention. Its mind numbing to be honest. They could have saved a lot of money by just saying “give me a big government hand out” and moving on. But no, we had to listen to Michelle H. Obama drone on in a really, really ugly dress. We were all supposed to be moved because, get this, Barack actually went to the hospital BOTH TIMES Michelle gave birth and THEN HE HELPED BRING THE BABY HOME. What a guy. I mean who else has a husband that would do such things to support his wife? Hasn't accomplished jack taco, but he drove those babies home. Vote for him!

Of note was the spiel on "the world as it is" schtick. As much as Michelle wants us to believe her husband came up with this thought, we know better. Yes, Michelle, you may be used to deceiving the idiots that support your husband, but you won't fool the rest of us. This gem of a statement comes from Marxist Saul Alinsky's book Rules for Radicals: "Unable to come to grips with the world as it is, they retreat in any confrontation with the younger generation with that infuriating cliché, ". Mr. Alinsky was a "community organizer" in Chicago. Sound familiar? He also advocated the actions of the Weathermen in the same book as this was a call for Social Revolution. Interesting that B. Obama has that dirty little connection to William Ayers, isn't it? Oh, and Hillary Clinton's thesis was on who else but Saul Alinsky. This should scare the pants off you if you are somewhat rational.

So tonight I am back at it watching, hoping for some sort of excitement. No dice. I tried to make it a bit more fun by turning the snooze fest into a drinking game. I thought every time someone says “change” I would drink. I soon realized I would be comatose in about 3 minutes and miss all the umm – excitement. So I changed it up to “tax breaks for corporations”, that too proved dangerous. Next was Bush’s America. I couldn't get past just how dumb that really is, it ruined the whole point of the game.

So here I sit watching this Warner guy point his slimy little finger at me while lecturing me on global warming, and how the government should provide me with everything. All together, all for each other he says. Yeah – well, I’ve seen what this party attracts outside the convention center and I am just going to have to say no thanks.

Oh, by the way, they’ve built a Mosque right there on the convention grounds. Any one find that a bit strange? (H/T Zombie via LGF)

Now for Queen Hillary. I thought there would be some fun. How disappointing. We hear Hillary, like Michelle, is a proud mother. Michelle was more convincing. She then forced (seriously) the words that everyone needs to get behind Barack. This explains the Orange Julius pant suit - the better to hide the impending puke.

She zinged Barry O with getting the correct state count AND the territories. Take that 3am text message! Ok, well, a bit of fun happened - Hillary was campaigning up there! She replayed the nameless characters of past, to include the marine. Why don't they have names? Methinks the exist just in her head. Hillary says Michelle is going to be a great first lady. Michelle just looked pissed. Seriously, seriously pissed.

Hillary did jump through the space/time continuum by saying we don't need "four more years of the last eight years". This was followed by a tease where she said they should all keep going. But they didn't. They stayed right there spewing nonsense.

The wrap up included the message the only hope for children is big government. And then she used G-d 80 billion times. Crowd roared. She campaigned waved. The end.

Will I be able to get through Bill tomorrow? Its gonna take a lot of caffeine, believe you me.