Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tilting at Windmills

Well, well, well. Something just didn’t feel right with Mr. T. Boone Pickens’ media blitz regarding wind power. It’s been too much, the man is freakin’ everywhere. I thought to myself, you know, you are paranoid. This gentleman contributed lots o’money to get republicans in office this last election. Alas I discover I am not paranoid, I am right.

Our down home guy Boone here is NOT donating lots to the republicans for this campaign. Now why would this be? Wonder if it has something to do with Ms. Nancy Pelosi’s 100,000 investment in his selling the wind scheme. Yes, in fact, the woman who has reached the stretch goal of being worst speaker of the house bought 20,000 shares of Mr. Pickens’ clean energy fuels corp. in May of 2007. To add to the mystery, CLNE is the sole sponsor of a proposal in California to have $5 billion (with a B) of state funds and $5 billion (another B) of federal funds sent to CLNE to help create the ginormous wind farm in the Texas panhandle. Amazing coincidence, wouldn’t you say?

In the fine print of this plan is a little proposal by T. Boone to take private control of water which CLNE will then sell back to the big cities. The water will get there via big ol’ pipes on land that is gotten from (wait for it) eminent domain. Huh. The end result? Family farms out of business. Yeah, that sounds like a winner plan to me.

The heart of the Pickens Plan is to concentrate energy and water into the hands of corporations – well, one corporation, Mesa Energy, owned by none other than Mr. Pickens. It banks on keeping oil prices high and populating the misguided belief in global warming. End result is a financial windfall for Mr. Pickens and Ms. Pelosi – as well as some other lefty nutcases.

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