Monday, August 11, 2008

My questions for the Dems:

A few questions I’d like answered from a Dem:

1.Can you tell me one thing Barack Obama has said that actually contains substance?
2. Do you think its ok to hang out with Terrorists?
3. Is it reasonable to say you’ve spent 20 years with someone but were not aware they said hateful things about America and white people?
4.I s it ok for a Presidential Candidate to remove the American Flag from his plane for the first time in history? He is running for POTUS, by the way.
5. Do you think getting campaign contributions from the Middle East is a good thing?
6. Does it trouble you that Obama t-shirts are hip in Iran?
7. Do you really think the government can spend your money better than you can?
8. Why is a 10% profit from the Oil Companies obscene, but an 18% tax from the government is a-ok?
9. Why do you even care if oppressive dictators from countries like Venezuela, Iran, Syria, etc. like us?
10. Why do you think socialized medicine is a good thing? Because its worked so well in Canada, France and Great Britain? Because the government has done such a bang up job with the other programs they run?
11. Why do you think paying higher taxes so that those who don’t feel like working don’t have too is a great plan?
12. Do you support freedom of speech? What if that speech might be offensive like saying oh, I don’t know, Merry Christmas?
13. History back to the 1600s shows a repeated behavior pattern of Muslims. NOTHING has changed; they want us converted or dead. Which one of those options do you chose?