Friday, August 29, 2008

Its Sarah Palin!

Excellent, excellent choice. A girl with guns, what could be better? Seriously, I have been a Sarah Palin fan for awhile, as was noted earlier. She is a real conservative, she is fiscally responsible, she is ethical. Her oldest son is in the Army and getting ready to deploy to Iraq. Now let's sit back and wait for the Dems to begin demonizing...

PS - Obama's speech last night was a whole lot of rhetoric, nothing on implementation. Cheap health care, good jobs that can't go overseas, cheap fuel, college for all, blah blah blah. So, who is gonna pay for all the swag I wonder. Please take special note of this: Obama GUARANTEED direct diplomacy will deter Russia and prevent Iran from obtaining nukes. As noted previously and on multiple occasions, this guy is a moron.

One more thing - "marching united into our future", the search lights going straight up and that closing music was nothing short of creepy.