Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh Please Not Lieberman!

This ought to be the year of the Democrat. We handed them this election. They, kindly, handed it back to us in the form of Barack Hussein Obama. We do not need to reciprocate by doing something equally dumb like putting Lieberman on OUR ticket. If this is more than a really bad nightmare..er…rumor, we have effectively elected Mr. Obama.

For the McCain camp, let me put this is terms you might be able to understand. Do you see B.H. Obama contemplating Newt Gingrich as a running mate? No? Why might that be? BECAUSE HE IS ON THE OTHER TEAM!

McCain kicked butt at the Saddleback church. That is the A game that needs to continue. Let’s not bring a D player into this mix. What about Sarah Palin? She is pro-life, she is conservative, and she is advocating drilling in her state. She would throw the Dems for a loop and provide us with a great candidate. Because she is not an idiotic choice it probably won’t happen in this twilight zone election.