Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Congrats, President Elect Obama

From my post at LGF, no need to rewrite what I feel:

I should be upset, I am really not. Maybe its the wine? I am seeing this as our chance, our opportunity to take back our party. But we have to do it, not talk about, not whine about it, get off our butts and DO IT.

We won't have the luxury of the media pointing out flaws, or making them up as the case may be, as the Dems did with Bush. Its up to us. He will screw up. People will say "oh what did we do". We must be there with the answer, and that is going back to what our founding father's designed. If we sit and wallow in self pity about this, we too will deserve what we get.

Night all. Its going to be ok, so long as we stick to our convictions.