Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Change!

Barack Obama's rumoured NSA and CIA picks are tough on Israel, not so much on Iran and Hezb'allah.
And the envelope please for NSA.....General James L. Jones

He is remembered as a strong propoent of strategic cooperation between the United States and Israel, particularly when he served as Commandant of the Marine Corps. More recently, while serving as Rice's special envoy for Middle East Security, Jones prepared a report on Israel's policies in the territories that Ha'aretz described as "extremely critical…scathing…makes Israel look very bad."

CIA? John Brennan

Brennan published a long article on Iran in July 2008, expressing a benign view of the Islamic Republic and harsh criticism of U.S. policies that he believes have driven Iran in the wrong direction. Excerpts follow:

"Notwithstanding the fiery rhetoric coming from Iranian officials such as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian theocracy has made much more limited use of terrorism over the past decade than it did in the first twenty years of its reign....Although it would represent a significant act of domestic political courage, U.S. national security would be best served if Washington publicly acknowledged and explored the roots of this shift in Iranian state support for terrorist activities....

This must be the "hope" part as in "I hope Israel goes away quietly". Stand by for the collective "I didn't know" from the Jewish Voters who supported Barack Obama.

In more news of Change, Barry is considering former Clinton Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder. You remember Atty. Holder, right? He was the guy who said the presidential pardon of corrupt financier Marc Rich was a-ok.

Per Newsweek, even MORE of that change is underfoot. To wit:

The sources said the Obama transition team is still debating over who should serve under Holder in the key post of deputy attorney general. One top candidate, favored by Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and other former Clinton White House officials, is Elena Kagan, dean of the Harvard Law School and a former lawyer in the White House counsel’s office under Clinton. Another top candidate, favored by other Obama advisors, is David Ogden, a former chief of staff to Attorney General Janet Reno, who is currently heading Obama’s Justice Department transition team. Kagan brings legal policy credentials; Ogden has more experience in the Justice Department trenches.

Ahhh...hope and change, hope and change.

h/t Mere Rhetoric and Gateway Pundit