Friday, November 28, 2008

Terrorist Attacks in India

In a horrible targeted attack, Islamic Militants, apparently from Pakistan, have killed more than 130 people in Mumbai, India. A Rabbi and his wife were among the dead, their child was saved by and Indian cook. Per news sources, Americans, the British and Jews were the intended targets. Among the terrorists were British citizens of Pakistani decent.

As expected the American apologists are out in force. Included in the apologist camp is Deepak Chopra - who has made millions being a self help guru in right here in the good 'ol US of A. For the record, Iran agrees with Chopra that blame lies squarely in Washington. Good company there, Deepak.

So what now, Dear Leader? What about your plan to have Pakistan help fight the Taliban? What about improving those Pakistani/Indian relations? Methinks much of that just got sent right down the tubes.

I can only hope (no pun intended) this is a wake up smack for Barack Obama. Sadly, I fear this may be his first stab at pre-emptive appeasement.