Monday, November 10, 2008

From the Office of the President Elect - More News of the Scary

Valerie Jarret, Camp Obama Transition Team co-chair says Barry will be ready to "rule" from day one. Rule? RULE?!? President's don't RULE, they govern. Or at least they did.

I am now officially finished with the historic part of this election. Done. I don't want to hear any more "He's a good man". That means you, McCain. He isn't a "good man" he is a "good for all" guy. Not the same thing.

Tomorrow marks one week, so far I've seen nothing indicating a "change" that would equate to unifying this country. I've seen the website g from a list of 25 action items (including one citing mandatory civil service) to one very scrubbed, very lame paragraph. I've seen names bandied about as potential cabinet members that should make every one's skin crawl (Gorelick for AG? Good grief!). The "rulerette" up there is being put forward as a candidate for Barry's replacement in the Senate, despite having never served a day in public office. She was, however, chairman of the University of Chicago Medical Center and is currently CEO of The Habitat Company. This, of course, makes her more qualified than The One to be President, but not a Senator. Kind of reminds me of a certain President who attempted to put his loyal friend on the Supreme Court despite it being a colossally stupid idea...who could that have been? Will Obama worshipers point out this is glaringly ridiculous as we did to Bush?

Speaking of President Bush, what gives oh liberal ones? You told me, nay SWORE, fascism was inevitable under his regime. You promised thousands would be rounded up from libraries near and far for reading the wrong material and sent directly to Gitmo. You told me people who dared question Chimpy McBushhitler would suffer, disappear even. Yet Air America died its own painful death, Oliver Stone created a craptastic movie and still lives to make another one, countless I Hate Bush blogs still exist (though I don't know what is going to happen now), and remember Blackwater (cue ominous music)? Guess who used this very outfit for security in Afghanistan? Yes, Barry O.

So what now? I fear much of what the Libs predicted just might come true - only Chimpy won't be the catalyst. Being dramatic, you think? Why don't we ask Joe the Plumber. Anyone want to take bets on what happens to the Obama supporter/government worker who ordered the pulling of records? Suppose the same fate that befell Ken Lay or Scooter Libby will be discussed? Me either.

I am going to be pointing out all the idiot things Obama and his band of Thugs do over the next three months as I am doubtful dissent will be tolerated by The Ruler past this time.