Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another Campaign Promise Flushed

At this pace, I am beginning to think my new unicorn won't be delivered after all!

It seems reality is biting Obama right in the arse. His very naive plan to tax windfall profits from oil companies (and then giving a $1000 energy credit to all us schmucks) has gone down the drain. Guess no one on Camp Obama's dream team thought about the volatility of the oil market and with a *gasp* drop in price, those windfall profits are not all that profitable. Those 5 million green jobs to be created also as a result of taxing evil oil companies? Goners. Seems the market took care of the problem, as what normally happens should it be allowed to do it's thing. Ain't economics a b*tch, most especially when those who control oil production (OPEC) really don't have an interest in curtailing their output.

And about that tax the rich stuff? Not so much. It appears Camp Obama will go ahead and let the Bush tax cuts expire in 2010 which means ALL of us get a tax increase. (Wait for the scream: Oh that's not fair! That's not a tax increase! Really? If this year you pay x in taxes, and next year you pay x+5, that is a tax INCREASE, even if you did go to public school). Bush's goofy bail out bonanza is not going to help matters either. The One must now figure out how to pay that mess back AND fund his crazazy socialist policies. This means GREAT BIG tax increases on ALL of us - or more broken promises.

Speaking of Obama's promises to save the world, it seems a good time to recap the promises that have thus far been thrown under the Hope and Change Tour Bus:

1. Lobbyists and special interests have no part in an Obama administration - well, except maybe these guys.

2. Missile defense CUT - or not.

3. Gitmo must go! Just kidding!

4. No torture! Well, maybe just SOME torture.

5. Those who tortured MUST BE INVESTIGATED - or not

Hope and change, baby, hope and change!

(h/t to Stop the ACLU for inspiration).