Saturday, December 13, 2008

Did Obama *GASP* Lie?

Well, well, well. Not even in the guest house yet and scandal of great proportions has erupted. It is being reported that Rahm Emanual DID speak to Blagojevich, and it looks like Camp Obama has some dirt on their hands. Chicago politics, welcome to DC.

Obama didn't admit to the obvious because the President Elect is a lying liar. He was during the campaign and he is now - 20 years and never heard an off word from Rev. Wright, Father Pfleger, Tony Rezco, Willams Ayers was just a guy in the neighborhood, need I go on? The press ignored this and may other red flags during the elections as they were so desperate to end the Republican reign. We are now left holding the very full bag.

Obama's hubris led him to believe no one in the press would question his denial, and certainly they wouldn't really investigate the connection. After all, he stated that an internal investigation had commenced, shouldn't that have been enough to appease the unwashed? Will Obama go with the tried and true "That was not the Rahm Emanuel I knew" and toss him under the bus? There is some room in there now that he has pulled dear Susan Power out.

Camp Obama must do something dramatic. Barry O is slimy, but he isn't stupid and he must know singing is so much easier than prison. In this case, we have the potential for an out and out chorus with Rezko and Blago; it looks like there is a chance for a Rahm solo now, too. This is not a good scene for our Dear Leader.

I hope y'all headed my warning and stocked up on the popcorn. We haven't had this much scandal since the Clintons!