Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Change We Can Believe In!

Isn't this just a fine kettle of fish for our Dear Leader. The Governor from his state was cuffed and carted out for corruption this morning by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. What role did Obama have in this? I don't think he was an orchestrator, but I sincerely doubt his complete innocence in this either.

Let's take a peek into Obama's closet a moment. It's big and crowded in there, so be careful! Remeber Tony Rezko? The media didn't find it prudent to really look into this particular skeleton, we may now find out why. Tony was tied to Obama and to the good Governor. Rezko was involved in a lot of political corruption, actually. If you recall, people thought Rezko would be giving up the goods on Barry himself. Turns out, Rezko was one degree removed and sung instead about Blago. The question remains as to what Blago is going to sing about.

It seems Blago attempted to work a deal with Camp Obama in order to have Valerie Jarret placed in the seat. In return, Blago wanted a cushy job with a Union, and in return for that, the Union would get favorable treatment from Obama. It seems Camp Obama said "Thank you, but no". Great, glad that happened, but why would Blago think proposing this deal to Barry would be kosher? Why didn't any Obama Campers blow the whistle on this?

With the Valerie Plan in the recycle bin, another candidate rose to the top. This time the scheme was pure "pay to play" with cold cash offer of $500,000 to 1 mil in campaign contributions should a certain man be named Senator. It is speculated that man is Jesse Jackson, Jr. It should be noted Barry was and is not a supporter of Jesse Jr. getting this job. BUT Jesse also has connections to SEIU, the union thought to be involved in the Valerie 3 way scheme, so Blago could get his cushy job, and SEIU could get benies from Jesse.

So what does the President Elect have to say about this?

"I had no contact with the governor or his office, and so I was not aware of
what was happening"

Really? Then why did Obama advisor David Axelrod say this during a Fox News interview November 23?

"I know he's talked to the governor, and there are a whole range of names, many
of which have surfaced, and I think he has a fondness for a lot of them."

The Obama Camp says today Mr. Axelrod "misspoke". That sounds plausible if, and only if, you are a complete moron. I would bet we get the song and dance of Obama not speaking "directly" to Blago, etc. etc (Just what is your definition of "is" again?)

Yes, a new and refreshing kind of politics at play.

PS - Blago isn't the first Illinois Gov to be in this pickle:

1. Otto Kerner (D) (1973) went to jail for bribery, tax evasion, and accepting discounted racing stock in exchange for legislation favorable to horse racing.
2. Dan Walker (D) 1987 went to prison for bank fraud and perjury
3. George Ryan (R), 2006 Corruption, arranging driver's licenses for pay (for illegals). This resulted in a family being killed by a truck driver who had one of these licenses.

Funny thing is, Blago ran on a campaign to run corruption out of the state and NOT be like Ryan!