Monday, December 1, 2008

Change Is A Comin’

Let us go back into the annals of history and recall the promises made by Camp Obama. For months (years?) we heard about Hope and Change brought about by bringing people to Washington that were not currently active inside the beltway. All we had to do was vote for Obama and changes would be made, BIG big BIG changes. People have been watching and waiting for The Change from The One.

Oh the difference a few weeks makes – not only is Obama filling his cabinet with a bunch of Clinton re-treads, he has named a Clinton (and sitting Senator I might add) to Secretary of State. Obama is also keeping Gates in his role for at least another year. Oh what fun this change is! Really, go get some popcorn and watch.

Not only has Obama failed to bring new and fresh faces to his cabinet, he is brining people back that were tossed under the Hope and Change Tour Bus. Remember Samantha Powers? She was the one who called Hillary a “monster”. Guess what? She’s baaaaccckkkkk. Powers is part of the State Department transition team – yes, the one now headed up by Hillary! I TOLD you to get popcorn! I can only guess Barry is hopeful no one will notice she has been brought back into the fold, and probably even more hopeful no one recalls the little statement made by Ms. Powers in which she called for the US invasion of Israel to protect the Palestinians from genocide.