Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mission Not Accomplished

The ship of fools was sent packing. Who would of thunk THAT could happen? McKinney and crew are, of course, screaming the Israeli Navy "rammed" their boat and fired shots at them - it's a concept commonly known as a warning shot. If the Israelis wanted to hit the S.S. Dignity they would have, trust me.

Let's have a little perspective on this, shall we? This "integral humanitarian mission" was carrying 3 tons of medical supplies. Israel sent in aid in the form of 186 trucks and 10 ambulances. The only thing these moonbats were seeking to accomplish is to spread their anti-Semitic hate speech.

I am hopeful a lesson was learned here, but something tells me another boatload of idiots will try this again, complete with their token American leftwinger. I would just once like to know why the left is so keen on embracing terrorists such as Hamas. Do they honestly believe they are capable of fixing this blood thirsty lot?