Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The 22nd Amendment - Who Needs It?

Is THIS the change we've heard so much about? Rep. Jose Serrano (D-stupid) has introduced HJ Res 5 to appeal the 22nd amendment - the one that provides for term limits for the President.

The New York representative thought this would be a great idea once before - when Bill Clinton was in office. Oddly enough, the thought wasn't as enticing to Rep. Sorrano during the Bush administration. Which brings up a point: remember when the libs where all fashioning their tin foil hats because (OMG!) President Bush was going to declare Marshall Law during some Rovian constructed Natural Disaster, resulting in President Bush renaming himself Dictator Forevah Bush? The great Mechanism to End Democracy? A bit ironic, if you ask me.

Elections have consequences, people. The One promised change, and change we shall have.

h/t Ed Morrisey of Hot Air