Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Children of Palestine

The MSM has been reporting feverishly on the conflict in Gaza these last 20 days. Missing from these reports is the shocking use of children by the Palestinians, both as shields and as disgusting displays of propaganda. Why is this vile, death loving culture so embraced by the left? Why is the MSM silent on the subject of the abuse of children in Palestine?

At great risk of having an fatwa issued on me, let me share a bit of what I am talking about. One of the Hamasshole's favorite tricks is to use children as human shields. For example, the Hamas leaders hid in hospitals to avoid martyrdom, whilst they expected the children to be both willing and unwilling martyrs. These brave leaders placed weapons caches in schools; they sent children out in the street to be spotters while the brave men hid under trees shooting straight up in the air. Don't believe me? Watch this and pay close attention around the 1:20 mark.

On top of using these innocents as shields, the Hamashole's have their video cams at the ready should one of these children get wounded or killed, because no one likes dead children. Except Hamas. Again I ask, where is the outrage?

Children are indoctrinated into this culture of hate at a very young age. The following is a video of a popular children's show in Palestine. It begins with a song about Qassam rockets sung by two little boys, followed up by Assud, the Jew Eating Bunny who is in the hospital. Assud is mortally wounded by none other than the IDF. Yes, they have the rabbit die for all the children to see while his friend Saraa cries about the Zionist attack on children. Nice, isn't it?

A translation of the clip has been provided by DanS of LGF:


launch, launch
fshhhhhhh (2 times)

Launch the qassam rocket
on the usurpers
Launch, 'cause our honor calls us
Shake our enemies' lights
Prepare the rockets, get em ready, it's time to retaliate
Get the rockets ready, get em ready

Lunch the qassam rocket

Assud the Bunny: I ask you to watch over the 'Pioneers of Tomorrow' TV program, and to follow the path of Farfoor and Nakhool [a deranged mouse and the Jew-hating bee that are featured on this show]
And that you, too, will follow my path, the path of education, of loyalty. The path of resistance.
Teach our children that we have a land which we will return to:
Jaffa, Acre, Haifa, Tel Aviv. [pre-1967 Israel, shocker].

Saraa (girl) Don't be sad, Assud. Victory is near. Inshalla.
Victory is near, inshalla. Victory is near.
Don't you see how the enemy, don't you see how the Zionists, fight our children?!

"[The Arabs] will stop fighting us when they love their children more than they hate [Jews]." - Golda Meir

Thank you LGF for supplying the video links.