Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama to close terrorist 'black sites'

Just great.

President Obama on Thursday will order the closure of so-called black sites, where CIA and European security services have interrogated terrorist suspects, under executive orders dismantling much of the Bush admistration's [sic] architecture for the war on terror, according to four individuals familiar with a draft executive order.

Mr. Obama will shutter "all permanant [sic] detention facilities overseas," the draft said, according to the individuals who asked not to be named because the orders have not yet been signed. There are at least eight such prisons, according to published reports. The Bush administration never revealed the number or location of the facilities, although several were said to be in Eastern Europe.

Way to go, Barry. This should help keep our country safe! For all those suggesting The One would govern from the center, I believe this says "I am lib, get over it". I really hope The One reads a book that he didn't write for a change so he begins to grasp these guys want us dead. DEAD. There are not enough rainbows to fix it.