Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are you friggin' kidding me? Passenger contemplating suing US Airways!

On January 15th, we witnessed nothing short of a miracle. A pilot's skill, along with incredible work by the crew and rapid response of rescue teams resulted in all passengers surviving a crash into the Hudson River. Joe Hart, a salesman from Charlotte, doesn't think $5,000, reimbursement for the cost of his ticket and HIS LIFE is enough.

No, this moron is contemplating suing the Airlines. He wants to be "made whole for the incident". Bud, you are whole, as is evidenced by the fact you are being quoted in the news rather than a review of your life in an obituary.

In addition to recovering losses, Hart says he's concerned about having trouble flying. He's flown on six planes since the accident, and each flight has gotten "progressively more difficult."

He says he was tense, sweated and "felt every bit of turbulence" on a Los Angeles-to-Philadelphia flight last week, though it wasn't that turbulent a flight.

Hart says he has talked to a lawyer in North Carolina but hasn't decided whether to take any legal action.

"I want to see how things play out with US Airways," he says. "I'm hopeful US Airways understands the significance of the incident."

Big piles of money cure flying anxiety? Who knew!

For the lawyers who are reaching out to the passengers (Kreindler & Kreindler, a New York law firm), I must ask: on what basis will you file this suit? Negligence on the part of the airline for failing to navigate around a random flock of geese? Will there be a counter suit filed by the geese against those who stand to profit from the loss of their beloved gaggle-mates?