Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Debate - it required wine AND chocolate

Such as it was. Can Sarah and Joe come back? This format was crappy. Whoever had this idea should be looking for a new job. A town hall would be great - so long as it was a real one.

Obama employed the "if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull" method. He did this quite well. He blathered on (and on and on) with out much in the way of the uh and ahs we normally see. But what exactly did he say? Got me, but it sounded smooth.

Quick highlights:

Obama said McCain was not telling the truth about his invasion of Pakistan. He corrected this statement by saying "I did not say I would invade Pakistan. I SAID if Pakistan will not go after Osama Bin Laden, we should invade Pakistan". Which is different. Somehow.

Obama on health care - its a right. Really? Under what article? We did learn that after parting the seas, Obama will rid the universe of pre-existing conditions and that he doesn't want children with curable illnesses to go to emergency rooms. Huh.

McCain did not slam O like he should have. When Obama whined about North Korea and Nukes? McCain should have responded "yep, that is an issue and I am glad you brought it up. Now just how did they get nuclear technology....why, it was in 1984 and the Dems delivered it complete with personal training. Then there was this little agreement between Bill Clinton, who was - oh my! - a member of your party!

When O brought up his 95% tax decrease John should have responded "how do you cut taxes for people who don't pay them?" Furthermore, why didn't McCain jump all over Obama for specifics on spending cuts? How? How will you do this?

When O said I don't know much about history, McCain should have siad "you are right, and you don't know much about economics or domestic security either. But carry on. " That would have been GREAT.

Why didn't McCain point out how O's stance on Darfur matches why we went to Iraq? Oh so many missed opportunities.

McCain should win on points, nonetheless. He had real answers though some were just pure crapola like the green jobs and climate change shiz along with the bailout fiasco.

Without reading the transcripts, the Obama Scary Statement Du jour is the government should create and maintain the economy. This reminds me of a type of government...hang tight...it will come to me.... (sheesh, why can't McCain just say Barry! you are a damn socialist, what the hell is wrong with you?)

More tomorrow. I will, of course, read and dissect the transcripts. Why? So you don't have too!