Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Rocked - Biden Lives in Alternate Universe

Sarah was a bit robotic at the beginning, but she warmed up and kicked tail. She made someone who has spent their whole life in politics look tired and crusty. That could have been the bad botox job, too. No matter, Sarah Barracuda showed up and knocked Biden on his fourth point of contact.

Speaking of Biden, those on gaffe watch must have been stunned. Senator Biden made a grand leap from gaffe to outright lie. Repeatedly.

Biden said "We", along with France, got Hezbollah out of Lebanon after Bush let them in. Really? Hezbollah has been there steadily since the 1980s, so when did this happen? Who is "we" that sent them packing? What universe did this take place? There isn't even a "sort of" story to attach to this bizarre claim.

Mr. Foreign policy went on to exclaim Hamas is in control of the West Bank. That may come as a surprise to many in Israel as well as Hamas itself. It was pretty surprising to me! Speaking of those rascally Hamas types, Biden said Obama did not support the elections that put Hamas in control of Gaza (It's Gaza,Joe. Home of the Gazniaks). Except Obama DID at the time.

Biden's theme of "BS or BS" rolled along with his adamant statement Barry O never said he would meet with Ahmadinejad without preconditions. Someone should email this to him:

While we are watching video, here is Biden v. Biden on his "always supporting clean coal" statement

"Always" must be relative in Biden's world.

Biden also felt it necessary to give a constitutional lecture on the role of VP - but quoted the wrong article to bolster his point. This is something we would hope a person who has been a Senator longer than I have been alive would know.

More lies? Go here. Or you could tune in to CNN and watch them play these lies on continual loop along with journalists disgustedly pointing out how incredibly dumb Biden is, and if you vote for Obama/Biden you must be eqally dumb. No? That isn't happening? Shocking.