Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lies, Damn Lies and WTF?

Joe the plumber made a keen observation and voter's ears perked up. What happened next? Camp Obama declares Joe a big fat liar because, after all, plumbers don't make $250k a year and to solidify their point they start smearing Joe all over the internet.

Firstly, Joe NEVER said he earned this amount of money - what he said was he wanted to buy a business that would earn this amount of money. But why let facts get in the way of a good quashing free speech moment? Obama modus operendi is to ignore truth and begin an all hands on deck intimidation and smear campaign. In this case he wants to make it about Joe the Person to deflect from the fact BHO revealed his true communist thoughts with is redistribution of wealth comment! When Obama's support for infanticide was being discussed, he attacked Gianna Jesson. When his ties to terrorist Bill Ayers being slightly more than some guy down the street started to be revealed, he attacked Stanley Kurtz. And now its Joe's turn.

Speaking of Bill Ayers, there might be more to this than orginally thought. He just may have been the ghost author of Barry's memoirs -

During the debate, Obama claimed he worked with Ayers on education reform under the auspices of Annenberg being a friend of Ronald Reagan, therefore it couldn't have funded a "radical" education program. Press BS button now, and then read this.

Then there is the ACORN issue. As you may recall, Dear Leader stated he was not really associated with this group with the one SLIGHT exception of their Motor Voter campaign. Turns out this is *shock* a damn lie. Gateway Pundit has an interesting piece on Barry's involvement that shows it was a bit more than one small project, and shows Barry was, in fact, an organizer for this group. We've linked to video showing how involved b. Hussein Obama was in this campaign, and there is more on Obama's big lie here.

Hope and change.