Thursday, October 16, 2008

Debate Recap

Debate Recap short version–

Economy is ill – market tanked. What say you?

McCain – Thanks to Barry’s incompetent and corrupt friends, the housing market crashed. We must reform this as I have been saying (and have the letter to prove it, where is your letter, Barry?). I don’t like having to use tax payer money to bail out losers, but I am left with no choice at this point, thank you Democrat Congress. Explains another socialist banking plan, but at least apologizes for it. Points out tax cuts must happen, really the only tried and true solution. By the way, Barry is going to tax the living snot out of you, Joe the Plumber!

Obama – As Dear Leader, I will cut taxes for 95% of Americans even though 40% of Americans don’t even PAY taxes. Free money for all! I am not going to tax you, Joe the Plumber! Unless you make over $250K, then all bets are off! Where did I get that number? Dunno, it just sounded good. But I am also going to tax EVIIILLLL corporations. I call it my EVILLLLLL Corporation Tax and the more evil I deem you, the more you pay. Exxon Mobile? Get out the “going out of business” signs! BWHAHAHAHAHA

McCain – Look, World Leader. The US has the 3rd highest corporate tax in the world. Guess where they go if you increase that? The Countries numbered 4 on down. Guess what goes with those corporations? JOBS. And Joe? You get taxed out the whazoo, too.

Lots of bad stuff being said to each other. Can’t we all get along?

McCain – He started it. Every time I turn around, he is saying something negative about me – making shiz up even. Today! a George Wallace comparison and very ugly things said. Are you going to repudiate that, Senator Obama?

Obama – no

McCain – see?

Obama – You said I pal around with terrorists and am a liar!

McCain – Only because you do and you are.

Obama – (seething):

On Ayers: I was 8 when Ayers did bad things. Blah blah. We were on a board about school reform – headed by Reagan’s great friend, Annenberg. He is not on my campaign for the last time!

McCain - The “I was only 8” has lost its sparkle. You weren’t 8 when you served on the Annenberg Challenge, and you weren’t 8 when you had your political coming out party at the Ayer’s abode. You weren’t 8 when he was published standing on the American flag 9/11/2001, where he also announced he felt he hadn’t done enough during his Weatherman years. (What should have been added - Oh by the way, it wasn’t some group he joined – it was a domestic terrorist group he FOUNDED. Simply shaking your head saying it isn’t true and deleting references from your website doesn’t cut it – there are documents proving all of the above happened. Tells us, Barry. How’d that school reform thing actually work out? One more thing, did anyone let you know Annenberg was somewhat dead while you served on that board so although eligible to vote under ACORN rules, he was not endorsing your Marxist indoctrination plan. When did anyone accuse you of having Ayers on your campaign staff? The issue isn’t Ayers advising you, it’s the past association we want to know about. I’ll wait why you explain that.

Obama – Stop with the ACORN. I only worked on Motor Voter.

McCain - just motor voter? Seriously? Barry, have you heard of this little thing on the internet called “Youtube”?

The My Running Mate can beat up Your Running Mate question –

Obama on Biden – He has the best foreign quality experience. For example, that brilliant strategy to divide up Iraq. He also remembers where he came from – just not the fact that the restaurant he went too last month closed 20 years ago. He cares about womens too, by sponsoring the “Violence Against Womens” Act.

Obama on Palin – (invoking Hillary Clinton) She is quite capable.

McCain on Palin –( I think he said she was a “breast of fresh air” and then corrected it – its not running all over the news, so maybe I misheard. If he did say it, that is pretty close to a Biden scale gaffe!) Lots of examples as to how “Senator” Palin took on the Alaskan Good Ole Boys network. (He returned to her correct title of Governor the rest of the evening) knows about energy reform which we need, so yep, she is top notch.

McCain on Biden – well if by qualified you mean he is over 35 and a native born citizen, I suppose he is. (not really, but close enough and that is what he was thinking)

Free Trade! Or Not!

McCain – important for our economy, need to keep going with Columbia, they buy lots of our stuff which means we get money.

Obama – After studying history with Joe Biden, I need to say that NAFTA is Bush’s fault. He used the Rovian Mind Meld which forced Clinton to sign it. It’s very bad, that trade with Columbia because there is violence in that country. Once I stop that violence, trade can just start up again beginning with fairies and unicorns. Meanwhile, let’s keep that Peruvian unicorn trade going.

McCain then Hoovered Obama, then McCain drew attention to O’s “eloquence” which is a buzzword for lie.

Health Care -

Obama tells us a little story about 2 laid off ladies with no health insurance, and then rambles on, and on about socialized health care that isn’t really, it’s only socialized if you don’t get it through work.

McCain – the give and take health care plan, free choice, lowered taxes

Obama – companies will stop covering if they find out people can use their own money to buy a plan (but they won’t if they know the government will pick up the tab totally under the Obama plan?)

McCain – if you want socialized medicine, go stand in line for care in Canada and England, you shmuck

Obama – “Y’all heard my plan”

Education –

Obama – I have this little program I like to call the “Whitney Houston Education Reform Act”. I believe our children are our future…

McCain – ok then – I think parents should be able to do what we do, Barry and send them to good schools. Bad teachers, outta there. Use vouchers, they work.

Obama – I don’t like bad teachers either! Ummm..I mean, re-train them 53 times, THEN fire them (sorry teacher’s union, please still send me your cash). Can we sing again? I BELIEVE CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE, AND I HATE PLUMBERS NAMED JOE….


McCain – after dancing, “I will put in judges who follow the Constitution as it is written and not legislate from the bench” This dingbat over here blocked a great judge and voted against others for ideological reasons.

O – I will put in judges who will think about the Constitution, but then rule for the greater good of the people. I voted against those judges because they don’t believe the Constitution is nuanced.


McCain – Roe v. Wade is a bad decision. Up to states, federalists, but if it was up to me? Nope. Adopt. Better for the child.

O – Roe v. Wade is right on the money in the right to privacy clause written in invisible ink in the constitution. Must have abortion – at all costs. Health of mother.

McCain – eloquence again. Health is stretched to anything. But if you care about health so much, what about those babies born alive that you wouldn’t give care too?

O – no, doctors must do to some oath or something like that. Didn’t matter if I voted no to appease! Plus, babies are burdens.

Summary –

McCain – we do not need any more taxes. The democrat congress for the last 2 years have screwed us all. Do you REALLY want to put this guy in for the grand finale?

O – I will have the federal gov’t more involved in schools, healthcare, unicorn trade, business and pay for everyone’s house all the while lowering taxes for 95% of the American population. Then some other line of crap - in all honesty I have no idea what he said.

Observation – if Obama answers second, he does great. Why? He repeats the question and then repeats McCain’s answer! If he goes first, he stumbles. Interesting.