Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Biden - It Starts

I'll get to coverage on the Republican Convention in a bit - but in the mean time, let me just point out what Biden (the Tweedle Dummer of the Obama/Biden ticket) has promised to do should he make it to the White House: Look through all Bush Administration records and prosecute should/when they find it to underscore that no one is above the law.

Yes - let's put the previous administration in jail once in office because, you know, that doesn't reek of a fascist state, does it? Isn't Biden an attorney? Shouldn't he know if he REALLY did this it would completely fly in the face of Congress' role of over site of the Executive Branch? Does he not get the violation of Executive powers this would be? Shouldn't it at least occur to this asshat that even if he sets aside undermining our entire system of government, he is setting a precedent that both he and Obama will face come next administration change?

It defies logic.

h/t LGF