Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Convention Rocks

Seriously. Last night, Fred Thompson reminded me why he was my pick for nominee. Why couldn't he bring the A game he had last night during the primaries? Oh well, McCain salvaged himself with Sarah Palin.

Tonight, Michael Steele was a wow. Drill, baby, drill! Mitt was great, too. I need to point out that Huckabee impressed me. Not enough that I like him, I think he is slimy, but he became a bit less slimy when he pointed out Sarah Palin got more votes running for Mayor of Wassilla, AK than Biden got running for president. ZING!

Linda Lingle is a poor speaker, but she did a great job of defusing the grandchild issue, please note it was announced to cheers. This situation makes Sarah Palin real - she is dealing with a situation many mothers across this nation have and are dealing with, they can empathize with her.

Ok, next topic? RUDY!!!