Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama: Asked Not To Wear Bracelet

I want to say something snippy about this, but I just can't. Its callous and cold beyond measure. Barack Obama's "me too" moment is worse than the fact he forgot the fallen hero's name and had to read it off the bracelet - the family has asked him to stop using their son's name, stop wearing the bracelet, and Barack has not complied because that isn't the politically expedient thing to do. Senator Obama doesn't care one iota about that young soldier. He cares about himself and this is a shocking (even for Obama) display of cruelty.

After the report that Barack had been asked to stop using SGT Ryan Jopek's name started to hit the blogosphere, the mother reported to ABC news she was "ecstatic" that Senator Obama had mentioned her son's name. The father (and ex-husband) noted she seemed afraid to say much because she does, in fact, support Obama's run for the Presidency (the father, whose opinion ought to count here, too) does not. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist but I can't help but wonder if the Obama campaign didn't put a bit of pressure on the mother - she admits sending the emails to her ex-husband saying she wants Obama to stop, but is then "ecstatic"? Something just doesn't add up there.