Monday, September 8, 2008

Obama / Biden - Stuck on Stupid

If there wasn't a chance this guy could be leading our country, this would be funny. Biden, heretofore known as "The Oracle" decreed that he was the cause of the success in Iraq. In other news in Bidenland, Al Gore discovered global warming was the direct cause of Yeti extinction AND has caused all Dem's brains to melt, therefore the dumbass comments and ideas spewing forth right now are not really their fault. It's Bush's fault.

So, anyone pay attention to the hullabaloo over the "Bridge to Nowhere"? Specifically how Palin was originally FOR it? And the fact that she was originally FOR it just proves how dumb and inexperienced she is? Except Gov. Palin did kill the bill when she discovered the ins and outs of it, but guess who DID vote for funding this bridge instead of transferring the money to Katrina victims? Why its our own Hopey McChange and his trusted side kick Oracle Biden!

Moving along. The wunderkinds in Camp Obama decided the best way to deal with the Sarah Palin threat was to inform "the girls" that this selection was obviously an incredible insult to womankind. Without haste, Gloria Steinham, Sally Quinn, and the entire cast of the MSM was dispatched to say it was so, therefore it should be. As with most Camp Obama brain thrusts, this fell flat. So flat that there was a 20 point shift in white women TOWARD McCain. Heh.

Finally, there was dancing in the streets when Obama's poll numbers got to 50% for the first time. "Woohoo!" shouted Dems across the land. Well, USAToday/Gallop poll has McCain 54 to Obama's 44 (poll of likely voters). In fact, McCain is leading the way in most of the other polls, too. Can I get a woohoo? Seriously, I think its a bit too early for these numbers to mean a whole lot, I'll be more comfortable if the lead widens and it is sustained. But still, its fun to point out Team McCain got a much bigger "convention bump" than Camp Obama. Plus, Gov. Palin's speech was viewed by more people than the ONE's. Methinks Barry O's ego is a might bruised at this moment.