Friday, September 19, 2008

Steve Almond Doesn't Support Our Troops

Every now and again a lib drops the charade and says what they are thinking - I don't support the troops because they are trained killers.

There are, of course, plenty of laudable functions that soldiers serve. But their sworn duty is to wage war. They may perform this duty with courage. They may feel great love for their country. But we don't pay them simply for their patriotism or integrity. We also pay them to kill people.

What this twit is missing is these "killers" sacrifice as they do to protect our rights, one of the big ones being free speech. Is the irony lost on Mr. Almond that he is utilizing this right as secured by these war wagers? The fact that our military went to Iraq and removed a dictator that killed Iraqi citizens in horrific and brutal ways, as well as threatened our Ccountry by defying multiple UN orders doesn't even matter to him or his selfish world.

A Soldier's sworn duty is to protect and serve this country, which includes protecting this imbicile. It is because of Soldiers this cat can walk through our streets on a daily basis without fear of his head being lopped off, not despite them. The biggest deterrent to war is a strong military, not the other way around.

It has been my observation that men such as Mr. Almond don't have the cojones to sacrifice for something bigger than themselves, therefore they must condemn those that do.