Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama's Ministry of Truth

I don't know how else to say it: This is frightening.

Barack Obama is using local law enforcement in Missouri to intimidate and harass those that dare criticize The One. Specifically, the campaign has demanded state law enforcement to prosecute any one that would say anything that could be a "lie or run a misleading TV ad" against Obama. MO Governor Matt Blunt issued an official response to this abuse calling Obama's "Police State tactics" a gross violation of free speech rights.

Barack Obama has attempted to stifle free speech in the past. It started with the announcement his middle name (Hussein) was off limits. Then it was Michelle, then it was a ban on trying to connect Obama to Rezco. It got heightened when Obama declared the Ayers subject not to be discussed (using minions here and an attempt at using the Department of Justice here.) There were the warning letters to GOP donors and the threats of lawsuits against the NRA.

All of the above was cause for concern, however this new step toward stifling dissent, called eerily enough the "Truth Squad", is chilling. It began in PA and moved to MO where Gateway Pundit has a great wrap up. These goon tactics seem to be coming to a state near you.

Most recently, Obama banned the use of signs at a rally in Virginia. Its for "safety reasons", the campaign says. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the Obama hecklers (riiiiggghhhttt). This guy is a fanatical, socialist thug. If people don't wake up there are going to be documentaries in a few years about El Presidente los dios where the interviewees say "I never saw it coming".