Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin!!!!!

Wow. Just wow. This, my friends, is why I wanted Palin on this ticket long before anyone was discussing her. I have a girl crush, I admit it. She is smart, she is pretty, she says the things I think. John McCain, thank you. Dems? I think you can get hemlock on the Internet.

She took on the attacks her family has faced - she said Hey! We aren't perfect! We face the same ups and downs as everyone. She is (gasp) normal. She took on the journalists and says she isn't going to Washington to gain their good favor. HA! She took on the attacks on her experience by noting she has had real responsibility unlike you know who. She notes that Obama tries to speak to the "regular" people, but then slams them about clinging to religion when he thinks those people aren't listening. She just called him out for the elitist he is. She spoke to parents of special needs children, she spoke to veterans, active duty military, military moms. I have a vested interest in that, she pointed out what we know - we need someone who advocates for them. She popped Barry o for his self designed presidential seal. She calls Barack out for authoring two memoirs, but no laws. She got him on his Greek temple columns, asking what Obama is going to do now that the Styrofoam columns are heading back to the studio lot.

Oh, and she put the luxury jet on ebay. EBAY. Hey Gore, are you listening? SHE PUT THE JET ON EBAY!

This speech was a mixture of humor, honest emotion and serious discussion on her mission as VPOTUS. Sarah Palin, you are smokin' hot.

And then....the man himself. I have to repeat this: We rock.